27 October, 2010

Closing Up Shop.

Due to time considerations, I find myself with little to no time or inclination to continue posting for this blog. It didn't run for very long but I enjoyed my time spent here immensely.

I'm keeping this post short, but I wanted to thank everyone who read and those of whom I met through this endeavor. I plan to continue reading those blogs on my list and will be on Battle.net as often as I can, so feel free to look me up if you haven't already.



20 October, 2010

GSL Season 2 - First Impressions

Another season of the GSL Starcraft II Open is upon us and with it comes another $90,000 USD(approx) grand prize for the winner. Oh, did I mention the tournament was even better this time around? It is.

GOMtv has gone to great lengths to improve the production value of this tournament is quite a number of ways, paying special attention to areas that viewers had been whining concerned about during the first season. Did they smooth out all the wrinkles? I'll give my view beyond the break.

15 October, 2010

Poll: Would You Continue Reading?

I've been struggling with a question for a while now and after watching my buddy Rahlekk make the switch from Zerg to Terran, I decided maybe it wouldn't be all that bad. I've played 200+ games as Zerg and I think that's enough to get a decent grasp of what they're like and how they play. I'm no expert, but I think I can say that I have a basic grasp of the playstyle.

Now, during these 200+ games, I've watched Terrans and Protoss doing all sorts of things I could never do as a Zerg. I'm not saying this as some sort of QQ-- more like a contrast of options than an imbalance. The other races are simply different ways of getting to the same goal, in my mind. But one thing always creeps in with these thoughts and Fungal Growth's(Yeah, I made a Zerg analogy. I make no apologies.) my urge to change races: what would happen to the blog?

I enjoy writing this blog and I hope you all enjoy reading it, but would the enjoyment still be there on both sides if suddenly I was learning Terran strategies or practicing Protoss tactics? I figured I'd put it to a vote and see what sort of response I get. Please vote if you enjoy reading this blog.

Would you keep reading this blog if I didn't play Zerg?